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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services for Industrial and Commercial Facilities in Elk Grove Village

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The coronavirus outbreak has been harsh all throughout the world. The transmission in the US is no different. But these unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. To prevent further spread, the commercial sector has taken a great interest in commercial disinfecting services. Despite the pandemic taking its toll on everyone’s health and production, it’s the way businesses respond to the situation that will decide their reputation for the years to come.

In a recent study documented by the Wall Street Journal, researchers put forward the fact that viruses are often transferred from the front door of a building to half of the workforce within four hours. So, if people are getting sick at your Elk Grove Village office or commercial space, it threatens productivity and also your reputation. We can help you do something about that!

Understanding Commercial Disinfection in Elk Grove Village

Sanitizing services at a commercial facility in Elk Grove Village, IllinoisTo maintain sanitary working conditions for yourself, your employees, and the public, commercial disinfecting services play a significant role. It helps reduce any health risks while giving you the peace of mind that you are protecting your workforce.

However, to keep your facility clean and safe, it is essential to understand how disinfection helps you.

Clean, Sanitize, and Disinfect

Routine cleaning refers to only the removal of the visible contaminants like dirt or grime from the surfaces. Sanitizing and disinfecting aren’t the same as cleaning. Sanitization is a little gentler than disinfection, and it refers to removing germs from any surfaces and lowering the number up to a safe and standard level. Disinfection, on the other hand, is much more effective, and it’s the last step that kills nearly 100% of the contaminants present on the surfaces.

Normally, we use a mix of these activities — mechanically clean the floors and surfaces, sanitize the kitchen and rooms, and disinfect the restrooms. However, businesses aren’t in their usual mode now. We are right in the middle of a global pandemic, so everyone is looking for more robust solutions.

We work very much in compliance with the guidelines of the EFA and CDC to craft and employ a treatment program that gives guaranteed results. Our high-quality disinfectants allow us to sanitize visible areas as well as any hard to reach spaces. Before we start with our service, we prepare the spaces for the treatment to work efficiently.

TNR Offers a Practical Solution

We give our customers access to all the modern decontamination prevention technologies. It helps mount a shield against the invisible enemy to protect your employees and customers. Our services are fast, safe, effective, and affordable.

We extend our services to all kinds of commercial spaces — including office buildings, hotels, restaurants, arenas, stadiums, retail stores, physicians’ offices, educational facilities, and much more in Elk Grove Village. We will get in and out of your space with minimal disruption to your operations.

Several business establishments in Elk Grove Village are choosing to provide that extra layer of protection through professional disinfecting technologies. The process makes it impossible for viruses, germs, and bacteria to survive in any space at your workplace.

Need Help? Contact Us

Sanitizing and disinfecting are now more important than ever to protect your health. Your efforts and regular disinfection routine can stop the spread of your biggest enemy — the one you cannot see!

It’s wise to take a well-rounded approach to revive your business amid the coronavirus pandemic. Do not leave your safety and status up to chance.

We have a highly trained staff on board with us who are capable of providing you with the best possible services. We also offer industrial disinfection services, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and water damage restoration.

Call our specialists today at 847-857-6469 to receive a quote and schedule an appointment for your business.

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