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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services for Industrial Facilities in Chicago

  • Top Notch Restoration

You see a manufacturing plant; we see a bacterial battleground. With the coronavirus pandemic in full effect, many of our customers have inquired about our industrial disinfection services in Chicago. We believe your facility deserves a custom treatment plan to help you stay on top of your safety standards.

Bacteria and viruses are stronger than ever. The sheer size of industrial facilities, with limited cleaning resources and irregular cleaning routines, makes it a hub for these pathogens to increase rapidly. So, industrial sanitizing and disinfecting is a critical aspect to consider for the successful operation of your facility. The right solution will keep your personnel safe while helping you avoid any production delays.

Today, industrial facilities require disinfecting services more than ever. At Top Notch Restoration, we understand your safety and compliance needs. Our employees are trained to meet your specific requirements while adhering to the facility’s safety standards and workflow.

Your Facility Deserves Special Treatment

Sanitizing and disinfecting services at a commercial facility in Chicago, IllinoisIndustrial spaces are distinct from others. Their operations and operational hours are often different from other facilities. The impact that germs and viruses leave may also differ from those of others. As a result, your space needs something unconventional in comparison to other work areas so that the contaminants do not create a dangerous working environment.

The Top Notch Restoration team works with you to ensure you get the sanitization work that your facility demands. Our team is capable of handling all-things-disinfection, and they are trained to get the job done with absolute efficiency.

TNR Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services in Chicago

Industrial disinfecting services work to make sure that no details are overlooked. Our team understands their job and caters to both easy and hard-to-reach touch points that are important for the well-being of people working in an industrial setting.

Anything under the roof — big or small — we’ve got you covered. We can also disinfect larger spaces that may require high volume disinfection. Our goal is to ease your production process while ensuring that every person within the facility remains safe and stress-free. When your workforce feels protected, they perform to their fullest potential.

We use EPA-approved hospital-grade disinfectants in addition to wiping and fogging the target areas. Our technicians also make sure there is no cross-contamination. Having safety measures right in place, they also ensure they aren’t the carriers of germs and viruses. They complete the job and leave the facility right after, wearing full body protection the entire time.

How Frequently Should You Disinfect?

As for how frequently you should go for disinfecting and sanitizing services, that totally depends on your needs. However, we always recommend a consistent schedule. Factors like foot traffic, seasonal changes, health conditions, workforce, etc. can further help you decide on the right routine. Our team can assist you with putting together this schedule.

Request A Quote — Contact Us Today

At Top Notch Restoration, we help you maintain your facility so that you can manage your schedules.

We are industry experts capable of tackling all kinds of industrial cleaning challenges in Chicago. We use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment for all of our jobs. Our industrial cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting program can be tailored to suit your facility needs.

We are open to working with both small and large facilities that have critical needs. Whenever our technicians are on the site, they wear full uniforms and prominent ID tags for easy identification.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our disinfecting and sanitizing services, and how we can help keep your workforce happy in the safest way possible. Call us today at 847-857-6469 or request a quote, and together, we will make our communities healthy.

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