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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Chicago.


We are NADCA certified Indoor Air Quality Specialists. 

From hospitals, restaurants, and offices to child care facilities, big stores, and small shops, we service all types and sizes of ductwork. Clean air duct systems in your office or place of business will keep you and your employees and customers healthier and happier, less of the sick day requests. Clean air duct systems will be more efficient and  as a result will consume less gas and electricity which will reduce your heating and cooling costs. Two topics that are present in the media today are environment and energy conservation. The improvements in the environment and energy efficiency are occurring as the result of countless small initiatives. One of these small initiatives is HVAC Systems Cleaning  which improves air quality, specifically indoor air quality, and improves energy efficiency by improving the performance of HVAC Systems and increasing air flow.


Air duct cleaning helps:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce the potential for mold growth
  • Extend HVAC equipment life
  • Provide a healthier environment for allergy sufferers
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Save money on energy costs

A healthier building means a healthier environment for your employees

Indoor air pollutants can cause serious health problems for employees who have respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or environmental allergies – take care of your health with a professional cleaning.

Industrial exhaust cleaning will prolong life of your equipment by removing unwanted deposits , obstructions and clogs from sand blasters , powder coating machines, pharmaceutical production exhaust systems. As a certified NADCA member we a capable of cleaning air handling equipment of any kind type and size.

In 2005 the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) a study to determine the effectiveness of coil cleaning vis-à-vis energy savings. The purpose in large part was that logically and theoretically it was known that coil cleaning provided energy savings by increasing air flow and reducing stress on the HVAC System and in turn reduces stress (energy) on the system to operate. There was however no hard data or research to back up this assertion. The study was conducted at a 34 story building on Times Square in New York City. The findings were incredibly definitive showing that proper cleaning not only improved energy efficiency but helped indoor air quality . The building is serviced by four air handler units, the study found that detailed cleaning of one unit would yield annual savings of $40,000.00 just from the one unit!

Additionally dirty ductwork can load filters quickly and lead to more stress on the air handler and potentially higher energy costs, blockages in reheat coils, mixing boxes, VAV boxes and other terminal boxes found in commercial HVAC systems can also restrict airflow.

UVC Disinfection and Anti Virus Solutions commercial and industrial


Cleaning UV sanitation units improves HVAC performance and energy consumption by deterring buildup and growth on the coil. This solution leverages germicidal 254 nm UV-C light, which can eliminate up to 99.99% of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi on coils and in the air (secondary benefit). Coils in HVAC systems are known to be humid and wet. Over time, dirt, hair and contaminants get trapped on the surface resulting in compromised airflow and decreased air quality inside buildings. Our fluorescent UV lights effectively address these issues through proactive, around-the-clock cleaning. These UV-C lamps are installed approximately 12” (3” to 30”) from the coil inside the HVAC system. The UV lights come with an expected lifespan of 8,000+ hours, equating to one lamp change per year. This solution is recommended for continuous HVAC coil cleaning in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, offices, schools, labs, food processing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical. 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning, NADCA Certified Air System Cleaning Specialists (ASCS). Ventilation System Mold Remediators (VSMR)