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Wood Dale Illinois Commercial Disinfection Services


Disinfection is more effective if it’s done on daily basis. If you can decrease amount of micro organisms on the surface you automatically lowering amount of the ones that can reproduce. Germs, bacteria and fungi are 70% of species that live on our planet, they are all around us everywhere including human body and they are constantly reproducing, so it is virtually impossible to remove all the germ and bacteria unless the space is separated from outside world and any biological material.

  • We use EPA and CDC recommended disinfectants
  • Effective against human coronavirus COVID-19
  • Reliable and fast local service
  • Commercial and residential

Dedicated to excellence top notch restoration Wood Dale based decontamination services.

Top notch Restoration services for Wood Dale Illinois include Disinfection against human coronavirus COVID-19. NADCA certified air duct cleaning and sanitization for commercial and residential properties. Truck mounted steam cleaning for carpet and upholstery. IICRC certified water damage restoration and mitigation. We are local company  servicing Wood dale, Bensenville and Elk Grove area. For more information please visit our home page or just give us a call  7am – 7pm Monday- Saturday.


Our services are not limited to fight against coronavirus. Regular commercial space cleaning and sanitization will help to keep your facility safe for all the occupants and customers as well. Recommended for businesses with 5 or more employees or with high customer traffic. Clean and sanitary facility will reflect on your workers health and as result you get less of the sick day requests. Disinfection is available for vertical and horizontal surfaces as well but not limited to. Conference rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, entrances and locker rooms could be potential breading ground for harmful and some times deadly bacteria. Our services are capable of decreasing amount or killing such pathogens as influenza A virus, herpes (oral, ocular and genital), HIV-1, staphylococcus, foot fungus and mold and many others in order to keep your facility safe.