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Top Six Reasons for Spring Carpet Cleaning: Insights from a Schaumburg Carpet Cleaning Company

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It’s finally spring! Along with the sunshine, we should be prepared for May flowers, pollen, and some dust in the air. As you get ready to spend more time on your porch or backyard, it is also important not to lose sight of what needs to be done inside the home. There are several reasons why carpet cleaning shouldn’t be neglected as we start to get into spring.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top six reasons for having your carpets professionally cleaned in Schaumburg:

1. Protects Indoor Air Quality

Professional carpet cleaning vacuum at a house in Schaumburg, IllinoisAir quality is vital to maintain a refreshing ambiance at home, and a good working environment in your office. Dust, pollen, and pet dander, plus other allergens that are more common in spring, can find their way into your carpet. By having your carpet cleaned in the spring, you not only get rid of these elements, but you also help freshen the air within the household or office.

2. Prevents Trigger of Allergies

Spring is known as allergy season, so it’s one of the best times to eliminate all the dander and dust that has built up in your carpet. The fibers of the carpet can easily trap these allergens. If the carpet is disturbed, these allergens can become airborne again. Scheduling a carpet cleaning during spring will ensure that you have a clean and fresh carpet without any residual allergens.

3. Eliminates Microbes

Regular carpet cleaning eliminates microbes that are not visible to the naked eye. There could be microbes, like dust mites and bacteria, that have settled in between the fibers of the carpet, even if the carpet looks superficially clean.

Dust mites thrive on the skin that we shed, but they are invisible to us. Professional carpet cleaning is the best means by which mites and other microbes can be removed from the carpet. Another advantage of having your carpets cleaned regularly is that it removes any residual traces of moisture that can aid in the growth of mold. If the carpet is kept clean, dry mold spores will simply not be able to grow and multiply.

4. Restores Color and Texture

Dust and dirt particles hidden inside the carpet can be very destructive, breaking down the carpet fibers every time you walk on it. Over time, this can give the carpet a very rough texture. Removing the dirt particles can eliminate this problem, thereby making the carpet feel soft again. Additionally, hot water extraction cleaning can be implemented to remove tough stains, making the carpet look clean, new, and fresh again.

5. Keeps Warranties Valid

Carpet warranties generally require that the carpets be cleaned using the extraction method. The time duration is also specified to be around 12 to 18 months. Cleaning the carpet according to do this schedule will help in keeping your warranty valid.

6. Provides a Clean Atmosphere

A clean and fresh carpet can add to the overall appeal and environment of a home or office. This helps in lifting the mood of the house or enhancing the morale of workers in the office.

Are You Looking for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Schaumburg?

If you’re looking to have the carpets cleaned in your Schaumburg home or office, we are the company to call! Top Notch Restoration has a team of skilled, highly trained, and qualified professionals that are ready to serve you.

We can inspect your carpet and recommend the necessary steps to remove any stains and protect your carpet. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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