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Do You Have Mold in Your Carpet? Insights from an Elmhurst Carpet Cleaning Company

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Carpet mold can be a tremendous headache. Not only does it produce unpleasant odors, it can also affect those with allergies and asthma, and causes the carpet to deteriorate. Mold can appear anywhere on the surface of the carpet, but it usually occurs in dark, damp places. Therefore, it’s best to check the parts of your carpet that are underneath furniture, as they are likely to develop mold. It is also important to address mold issues as soon as possible, before they reach the backing of the carpet, where the mold becomes much harder to remove. In this article, we’re going to cover two DIY methods for removing mold from your carpet in Elmhurst.

Using Home Supplies to Remove Carpet Mold in Elmhurst

carpet-cleaning-company-elmhurstFirst, you’ll want to make sure that the mold hasn’t reached the base of the carpet; in this case, you would likely need to hire a contractor to remove it. If you notice that the mold on the backing of the carpet is extensive, you may even need to replace the carpet itself. With the initial inspection out of the way, you will need to ventilate the room where the carpet is currently located. You can open all windows and doors so that the humidity leaves the space.

You’ll then want to expose the carpet to sunlight for 24 to 48 hours, if possible. Sunlight will kill the mold spores and dry up any humidity. If you still have moisture spots on the carpet at the end of the drying process, you can use baking soda to remove it along with any odors. Apply the soda generously and leave it overnight before vacuuming it. You can also use talc-free baby powder or cat litter as substitutes.

With the carpet fully dried, it’s time to move on to the white vinegar. White vinegar will not stain the carpet, and it can be applied with a spray bottle. Once it is on the carpet, scrub the wet spot with a stiff brush, and then either blow dry or air dry the carpet.

Using Commercial Treatments to Remove Mold and Clean Carpets in Elmhurst

If home supplies did not get the job done, you can move on to commercial treatment options, such as antifungal or anti-mold sprays, which can be found in most supermarkets or drug stores. Make sure that you read and follow the instructions closely — not all antifungal/anti-mold products are safe to use on carpets. Some products offer an “encapsulate” treatment or a “mold barrier”, which is meant to protect your carpet from future mold infestations.

This cleanup process is very similar to the first one, but you can also add a carpet cleaning product after you’re done with the mold removal in order to eliminate any moldy odors. If you purchase a product that has chlorine dioxide in it, it’s wise to first test it out on a small, barely visible part of the carpet. Chlorine dioxide may change the color of the fibers.

If you want, you also have the option to rent a steam cleaner, which can be very effective at removing stubborn mold.

Calling in a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Elmhurst

If the carpet is moldy enough, or if you simply cannot make the time to take care of the mold yourself, you can call in a professional Elmhurst carpet cleaning contractor.

Looking for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Elmhurst?

A moldy carpet or rug can be very unpleasant, and it’s difficult to tackle on your own. This is where we come in. We offer professional carpet and rug cleaning in Elmhurst, and we have the tools and expertise to help you deal with any stain, mold, or problem with your carpet. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.

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