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Addison Air Duct Cleaning Services NADCA Certified

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Certified Air Quality Specialists Addison IL. Contact us for professional air duct cleaning.

 Air duct cleaning and sanitizing will remove unwanted dust along with micro organisms. UVC in duct disinfection units also available for residential home or commercial facility In Addison Illinois.

Residential rates for air duct cleaning $7 per vent and $30 per main duct, call for details.

Proper maintenance of your air ducts is a vital part of a home’s upkeep. It’s important to periodically check the condition of your vents to see if they need  Professional air duct cleaning cleaning.

Consider having air vents cleaned if:

  • Visually see mold growth inside hard-surface ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system.
  • House air ducts are infested with vermin such as rodents or insects.
  • HVAC system air ducts are clogged with large amounts of dust and debris.
  • You think duct cleaning might be a good idea for your home, talk to TNR. Our experts use professional equipment to clean your air ducts thoroughly and keep your air system running smoothly.

Air duct components that are not properly installed, maintained, or operated may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen, or other debris.


To maintain clean air ducts:

  • Change air filters based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Vacuum regularly to help reduce pet dander, dirt, and debris.
  • Get your carpets and hard-surface floors professionally cleaned regularly.

Addison IL residential

NADCA negative air method and how its done
1. We arrive at your home or business fully uniformed and equipped with truck or trailer mounted gas powered cleaning systems that guarantees strong vacuum pressure all through out the system plus there will be no dust filtered through out your home at the time of cleaning.


2. Before any work is done we do complete system inspection first then we will provide you with complete report and a quote and explain in detail how we will clean your air duct system or air handling unit.
3. Our tools and air line are brought inside your home, average set up time from 20 to 45 min.Dusty air ducts at a house in Western Springs, Illinois
4. We cycle the furnace on and off to be sure it is working properly before working on the system.
5. If duct system has access panels from previous professional cleaning we will re use those , if there isn’t any access we will cut an access panel in the supply and return duct then we attach our hose that is connected to the gas powered vacuum outside. Access panels are sealed after cleaning is complete.

Airhandler and Coil preparation.

6. The evaporator coil is protected with a covering or sheet metal blank in order to prevent any debris or dust getting on the ac coil.residential+air+duct +cleaning+system
7. The filter is removed and a piece of sheet metal blank is inserted to increase suction and prevent debris from passing into the blower motor or any air handling parts of the unit.

Agitation and Scrubbing

8. The supply registers will be blocked and opened one a the time in order to route vacuum flow to this particular vent at that time, then vent cover is removed and entire vent line gets agitated with truck mounted wiper whip system.
9. Our flexible rod system with specialized whips is inserted into your vent openings to blast off any dust and debris on the inside of the branch ducts, all the way to the main ducts downstairs.

Cleaning main duct

10. One-inch holes are drilled into the main duct system so we can insert our flexible rods inside the ducts. Using larger whips (up to 28 inches long) we agitate the main duct until no more dust and debris is left ones cleaning is completed this holes are plugged with certified air leak resistant plugs.
11. The process is repeated for the cold air return ducts and all of the parts of the air duct system A to Z.
12. The evaporator coil cover is removed and the coil is cleaned. The condensate drip pan is cleaned at the same time. (A dirty coil is 20% less efficient).*Done on as needed basis
13. The blower and blower compartment is cleaned.*Done on as needed basis The blower door is cleaned and replaced as well as the top furnace door.

Our process


14. The 10 inch holes are covered with a 12 inch sheet metal plate and screwed in place with sheet metal screws. Finally, metal foil tape is placed on the edges of the plate to prevent air loss. (Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your furnace not make it worse with air leaks).
15. All 1 inch holes are plugged with silver or black air tight plugs.
16. The sheet metal blank is removed and if available a new filter is replaced in the filter area.

Final Stage

17. We cycle the furnace on to be sure everything runs properly.
18. A sticker with our phone number is placed near the filter so you can see when the service was done and when it will be due in the future.
19. We clean up after ourselves and take up our hoses, tools and tarps and stow them in the truck.
20. We thank you for having Top Notch restore your air duct system so you can really breathe easier with clean ducts


Air Duct Cleaning Services Addison Illinois 60101.

Top Notch Restoration, proudly service Addison and surrounding area with professional air duct cleaning. We are certified air system cleaning specialists (ASCS) and proud members of national air duct cleaners association (NADCA).

Professional Grade.

For air duct cleaning we use industrial grade equipment. All our trucks are equipped with  gas powered vacuums 6000 CFM and truck mounted state of the art agitation device, viper whip with constant 175 PSI pressure that scrubs, dislodges and moves even heaviest debris and build ups. At the time of service we will clean entire air duct system, all the vents , every return and all main ducts as well, so there will be no chance for recontamination.

  • Greatly improves indoor air quality
  • Helps to reduce symptoms allergy’s and asthma
  • Removes dust, dirt and micro-organisms
  • Prolonging life of the system

Can a Simple Air Duct Cleaning Help with Your Allergy Problems? Insights from a Addison Air Duct Cleaning Company

One of the best ways to help relieve allergies is to keep the air inside your home in Addison clean and fresh. Changing out the air filters is not always enough — dirt, dust, bacteria, and mold can linger inside your air ducts, then get recirculated throughout the home as the HVAC system runs. This contaminates the air you breathe, which can trigger allergic reactions.

So, how can you make the air inside your home as clean and as breathable as possible? With a simple air duct cleaning, that can happen. Without further ado, here are the benefits of hiring a professional air duct cleaning company in Addison, Illinois.

Clean Air Ducts May Prevent Allergiesair+duct+cleaning+services

Allergies can be triggered by allergens like mold, dander, pollen, dust mites, insect remains, or any other material that can break down into tiny fragments. These allergens often enter your home and get circulated through your HVAC system, eventually settling inside your air duct system.

Helps Avoid Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion — more commonly known as a “stuffy nose” — is not only irritating, but it’s also

potentially severe. For children, it can result in a laundry list of problems with hearing and speech development. If your nasal congestion is related to allergies, you can help alleviate it by having your air ducts cleaned.

Eye Irritation is No Longer a ProblemCommercial+air+duct+cleaning

If you frequently have red eyes, itchy eyes, dry eyes, or swollen eyes, the problem could be caused by allergy-based issues. Having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis can help you keep your eyes feeling fresh all the time.

Helps Alleviate Sinus Problems

Sinuses are affected by allergic reactions, and they are often characterized by a headache, runny nose, and pressure near the forehead. If you are dealing with sinus issues, unfiltered indoor air could be the reason. Keeping your home’s air ducts clean and dust-free can help you avoid allergy triggers and, to that extent, sinus problems.

Keeping Air Ducts Clean May Reduce Asthma Symptoms

As reported by the World Health Organization, approximately 70% of people with asthma also have allergies. Asthma can be acute or chronic, and there are different causes for it. Either way, keeping your indoor air fresh and dust-free can significantly reduce the likelihood of an asthma attack that is triggered by allergens.

Migraines Eased by Clean Air Ducts

Migraines are generally more severe than sinus issues, and they can be caused by a number of different factors. An allergic reaction can lead to the release of an organic nitrogenous compound known as “histamine,” which can cause or worsen your migraine symptoms.

Cleaner Air May Avert Bronchitis Attacks

Like asthma, bronchitis is different in everyone and can be considered either chronic or acute. Keeping indoor air clean and fresh is one way to keep bronchitis attacks at bay.

Clean Air Ducts Help Remove Cigarette Odors

Removing cigarette odors from your home can be a tricky and tedious process. Thankfully, regular air duct cleaning can help get rid of the smell, and also improve the air quality inside your home.

Four FAQs About Air Duct Cleaning: Insights from Addison Air Duct Cleaning Company.air+duct+cleaning+services

When it comes to keeping a clean and well-maintained home, cleaning the air ducts may not be the first thing on your mind. However, considering the potential benefits of air duct cleaning, it should be.  At Top Notch Restoration, we offer professional air duct cleaning services in Addison, Illinois, that can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your home and provide a better quality of life for all those who live there.

When considering if you should hire us, however, it can be easy to second guess if your home would indeed benefit from our air duct cleaning services. So, in this blog, we will answer four of the most commonly asked questions regarding air duct cleaning to help you understand how you can benefit from professional air duct cleaning services.

What is the Purpose of Air Duct Cleaning?

Studies have indicated that indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than the outdoor air. You might be under the impression that the filters in your HVAC system alone would be enough to protect you and your family from this polluted air. However, the reality is that these disposable filters are only effective at barring about 10% of the pollutants and contaminants that pass through them.

The rest of these air pollutants move into the HVAC system, where they’re circulate throughout the home and settle on the floor and other surfaces. Although these surfaces can be easily cleaned, the real problem lies in the toxic pollutants in the duct system. When that happens, remnants of the air pollutants will be continuously re-introduced into the air and can be inhaled by those in the home.

Can Mold Grow in the Ducts?

When pollutants and debris are introduced into your duct system, they can be the optimal food source for a myriad of organic contamination. The dark and often humid environment of the duct system is ideal for the growth of mold, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. As new contamination, such as dead skin cells, pet dander, and moisture, is introduced into the air duct system, they can thrive. Pieces of these contaminants can then be spread through the air and cause all sorts of respiratory illnesses.

How Are Ducts Cleaned?dust-ducts

Duct cleaning professionals will use a variety of specialized tools and techniques to thoroughly clean and protect your air duct system. All components of your heating and cooling unit and the ducts must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent lingering contamination. The cleaning generally begins with a careful examination to determine the extent of the contamination, and to identify any areas of the HVAC unit or duct system that are not in high functioning condition. The technician will then use special tools to loosen the buildup of debris, and high-powered vacuums to remove this buildup. The components will then be thoroughly cleaned and potentially protected with the use of a sanitizing solution.


1. The Living Environment Becomes Cleaner

As mentioned above, when your air ducts are dirty, they are filled with dust and debris that is circulated throughout the home, day in and day out. After a professional cleaning, however, the total amount of dust and debris in the home is reduced, and you will not have to dust the furniture or vacuum nearly as often.

2. Lower Numbers of Irritants and Allergens

Given a long enough period of time, the air ducts will start to accumulate much more than just dust. Tiny particles such as mold spores, mildew, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and other toxins will enter the system and circulate through the home. This renders people who are particularly sensitive to these particles in danger. However, with regular duct cleaning, these particles can be removed, and the residents of the home can live in a much healthier environment .

3. Respiratory Issues are Ameliorated

Low quality air presents a danger for everyone, even if you are a very healthy person. Sure, people with allergies are generally more sensible, but if the air in the home is full of dust and other pollutants, everyone will eventually be affected. From sneezing and coughing, to sinus and bronchial congestion, all of these are issues that may affect you or your family members. However, with a thorough duct cleaning, all of these small discomforts and hazards can be removed.

4. No More Unpleasant Odors and Smells

The air in the home remains fairly consistent throughout the height of summer and winter. This is due to the fact that you are unlikely to open the windows due to the extreme temperatures. This means that all the household cleaning chemicals, paint fumes, food smells, and pet odors remain in the home and are circulated through the HVAC system. After a while, the odors will attach themselves to the dust and debris in the ductwork. A thorough cleaning here will have your home smelling brand new.

5. Improved Air Flow

As dust and grime build up in the ducts, the air flow to the various rooms of the home becomes restricted. When this happens, your system will be forced to work harder in order to meet the temperature set on your thermostat. Naturally, this translates into higher energy bills and a lower lifespan for the system. It is an extra cost that cannot be overlooked.

The Proper Air Duct Cleaning Method: Insights from Addison  Duct Cleaning Company

Air duct cleaning should be a routine procedure that is part of your regular HVAC maintenance program. However, the cleaning process should include other parts within the HVAC system, not just the ducts. This is because, if one key component is not clean, it will re-contaminate the entire system. A professional air duct cleaner in Addison will clean the ducts, coils, registers, grills, drain pan, and air filter, among other components. Here is how the cleaning process should go:

Step 1: Loosening the contaminants

In order to properly clean the HVAC system, you will need to remove the source of the contamination. This is done by using a specialized device that blows compressed air into the problem areas within the ducts. Air whips and contact vacuums may also be used. Over time, if dust comes into contact with humidity, it will clump up and stick to the insides of the ducts. This will need to be removed, as it can cause allergies and block the flow of air.

Step 2: Collecting the contaminants

After, or during, the process of loosening the contaminants, continuous negative pressure is applied to the system. This creates a vacuum that sucks up any loose contaminants, while preventing them from spreading through the home. As the particles become airborne, the vacuum sucks them in, effectively removing them from the system.

Step 3: Accessing other parts of the HVAC system

The air duct cleaning process itself is not that complex, but each project has its own peculiarities. As such, your contractor will try to gain as much access as possible to the interior of the duct system through duct end caps, service openings, return grills, and supply diffusers. In some cases, however, where access points are not readily available, the cleaning technicians may create new service openings. These openings will later be closed and sealed once the job is complete.

The equipment and chemicals that might be used during the cleaning process

Your contractor may use a set of chemicals and equipment in order to perform the Addison air duct cleaning procedure. In terms of equipment, both portable and truck-mounted vehicles may be used, depending on the size of your system and the severity of the contamination. When it comes to chemicals, contractors may use deodorizers, disinfectants, and sanitizers. This will help reduce microbial contamination and help remove or contain various odors. These chemicals are EPA approved, and they are completely safe to use in a home environment.

Does your air duct system require cleaning?

Air duct cleaning can be a DIY project. If you can trace the issue within your ventilation system and use some of the tools and the process described above, you can clean up lighter contaminations. However, if you have a large system, or if the contamination is particularly stubborn, you will likely need the help of a professional. Professional tools and cleaning materials are very powerful, and they ensure that the contractor is able to fully clean a system, no matter how large or how dirty.