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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Wood Dale, 60191


Duct Cleaning Wood Dale.

As a NADCA member and certified ASCS/VSMR we are capable to service air and exhaust equipment of any size, type or purpose. Air or material handling, pharmaceutical production exhausts, medical and childcare facility, restaurants and office buildings we service them all. Utilizing best available methods of duct cleaning and state of the art equipment backed by NADCA’s yearly continuing education program.


If you are looking for reputable IAQ indoor air quality professional in Wood Dale or surrounding area we are it. For commercial air duct cleaning projects if it’s necessary we can work around your schedule including overnights and weekends. Our employees are covered by the workman’s comp. insurance and we are certified for our trade. Metal, plastic, inner or outer insulated, flex air duct system each requires its own approach and specialty tools

We Service

  • Air and Material handling systems
  • Inner and outer insulated ductwork
  • Plastic flex and metal systems
  • Industrial equipment exhaust

Air Duct Sealing and Restoration

Inner insulated ductwork over a long period of time or if its exposed to abnormal levels of moisture can deteriorate and start flaking off restricting the air flow and causing potential health risk to the occupants. Ductwork with sings of degeneration can be replaced or rebuild or it could be restored. Air duct system sealing restores integrity of the liner and improves temperature transfer rating. Depending on the type of application different duct sealer coatings could be used. In order to simply stop movement of a small airborne particulates encapsulate air duct sealer may be used. For liner restoration special coatings may be applied even with a long anti microbial capability.

RTU Insulation

Some times liner restoration also needed for RTU’s  your roof top units, because they are exposed to heat and cold and high levels of moisture depending on the time of the year. RTU with degenerated liner less efficient there for it works longer hours and consumes more energy leading to higher heating and cooling costs for your facility.